23 Sports Psychology Secrets for Professional Sports Coaches

"I instantly saw what I was doing wrong. My cycling team are now the most competitive team in our Club" - Mike Farris

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So you Think You're a Good Coach?

You might be.

But are you an awesome coach?

Can you win more than you lose?

Are you nurturing or destroying talented players?

Do you have the respect of your players and peers?

Become a Winning Coach!

Our 23 Sports Psychology Tricks are Proven Time and Time Again
by Real Coaches in the Field.

You'll Find Out...

What the Top Sports Coaches of the World Said Doesn't Work...

Find out what is not working for the top coaches of the world.

Then we'll show you...

23 Sports Psychology Secrets you'll Want to Keep to Yourself!

How to Intimidate your Competitors

No Flowers and Rainbows here!

Pre-game intimidation is based on 2 things, we'll tell you what they are and how to intimidate as soon as you get onto the field.

How to Use Criticism the Right Way

Constructive criticism is essential but you have to do it the right way.

Guess what - yelling 'What the f**k is wrong with you!' is not the way to do it!

Why you Need to Find out
What your Players Like

When your Players tell you what they like,
they're telling you something else entirely!

Learn how to use this information to win games.

Why you Need to Find out
What your Players Don't Like

This one's a no-brainer. We'll spell it out for you.

What Not to Do at the Pre-Game Pep-Talk

The more desperate you get as a coach, the more you'll do this one wrong thing.

Something Else You Should Not Do at the Pre-Game Pep-Talk

Losing coaches do this all the time. Don't be that coach.

What You Should Do at the Pre-Game Pep-Talk

In the midst of frantic competition, there's not much time for mindful thinking.

So what is it that you want your player to instantly remember?

The One Punishment You Should
Never Use

My tennis coach used to do this all the time.

No wonder I hate tennis.

What Your Player's Greatest Fear is and Why you Need to Reduce it

Your players' greatest fear can make them perform in 2 undesirable ways.

The sooner you can stop these 2 on-field behaviours, the better.

Get What You're Supposed to Be Doing as Coach Right!

Are you not really sure what your responsibilities are?

We outline the 24 essential things you should be doing right now as coach!

How to Get Your Players to Put the Team Ahead of Themselves

You know that narcissistic player you have with the huuuge ego?

Here's 2 methods to stop him chasing individual fleeting glory
and work for a team win instead.

How to Get Combative Team Mates to Work Together

So John and Bob really dislike each other? This will not work out well for your team.

How to turn combativeness into cooperation.

How to Recruit Players with the Right Sports Personality

It's true. Certain personality types are better suited to winning.

We show you the personality traits to watch out for.

How to Recruit Players with the Right Game Behaviour

Certain in-game behaviors point to the beginnings of an elite player.

 We show you 20 in-game behaviors to watch out for in any sport.

How to Recruit Players with the Right Pre-Game Behaviour

Certain pre-game behaviors (just before the competition starts) point to
the beginnings of an elite player.

We show you 9 pre-game behaviors that elite players exhibit
and 2 behaviors that elite players won't do.

How to Recruit Players with the Right Sports Attitude

Elite players have a great sports attitude.

​We show you 14 signs that indicate your player has the attitude of an elite sportsman.

What to Really Say When Your Team Lose

What exactly should you say to your players when you lose?

We list the Dos and Don'ts of your post-competition run-down.

How to Make Your Players ABC Plan Experts

Do your players instantly know what to do in any given scenario?

We give you 2 real-life case studies (Junior Soccer and Rugby Union)
of ABC plans in action.

The Trick No Coach Wants to Do...Except the Best of the Best

If you want to be a professional coach, you'll need to do this.

No excuses!

How to Create a Rockin' DSDF Survey

Your players all play, behave, and think differently. 

We'll show you how to find the little things

to make big changes to each player's performance​.

9 Things You Must do at Half-Time to Come Back from Behind

Being behind at half-time sucks!

Here's how to rally your players to out-perform in the 2nd half.

7 Things that Amateur Coaches Do that Professional Coaches Never Do

Are you making these amateur coach mistakes?

10 Ways to Get Respect from your Players

When your players respect you, they perform harder for you.

10 coaches voted Most Respected Coach by their players
offered this final advice to other coaches.

10 Sports Psychology Exercises for Professional Sports Coaches

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